Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works...”

-Steve Jobs
Christchurch Website design Services

I understand small business website design from end to end.

Understanding how you work is important. Transforming that knowledge into design concepts that reach your target market. Turning website visitors into enquiries and sales is integral part of my Christchurch website design services…

Web Design

Prefer not to mess with the tech stuff? I can do everything for you; domain registration, hosting, web development, web design and website management.

Digital Marketing & SEO

I’m a specialist SEO consultant with over 20 years full time experience. If you want to achieve success in Google’s Local 3 Pack results, engage me.

Support Services

Technical support services are a core part of what I do. Specifically, I deliver WordPress Tech Support services and annual website maintenance plans.

Client Reference…

“You are now our 4th Webmaster, the previous ones have either not been not interested or not capable of delivering what they promised, or in one case just plain disappeared. I can’t tell you how much stress you have taken off us, we have been getting to the point of wondering do we just pack it all in. Thank you again for your help, it is making a massive difference for us…

– Jason Calder
About Me

With 20+ Years of experience in web design, SEO and support, I focus on helping small businesses boom.


Ben Kemp

When you need experience, technical ability and old-school work ethics, contact me for a free, no obligation quote for your web project…

Client Reference..

“A brilliant job all round Ben, considering you were an unknown name on the Web when I was searching for a start point to build this beast. You have exceeded my expectations consistently with your advice and skill in putting the site together. I am sure the task would have been far easier had you been working with someone who was a least born in the computer age but I guess you are the living proof that anything can be learned if you are keen enough and have the right aptitude (& attitude!) – I am also picking I won’t be the last computer non-geek that you have to educate ?

I am very grateful for your patience with me and the end result you have created…”
Kind regards,

– Ian Martin
Recent projects

Your project is my priority.

In the past 2 decades I’ve worked on a wide variety of website design projects for small business clients across New Zealand.