Do We Offer Emergency Response to Website Issues?

Yes – if we built it and you accidentally break it, or it gets hacked, we will fix it! If you are on an Annual Maintenance Plan, we will not even bill you, regardless of how long it takes…

If you are not on an annual Maintenance Plan, we will assess how long the repairs will take, and quote you a price. We will also offer you an Annual Maintenance plan, and credit the repair costs to the plan costs, if you’d like to take up the Annual Website Maintenance plan service…


Do We Offer Website Maintenance?

Yes – we have a comprehensive Annual Website Manangement Plan for WordPress that covers;

  • Full Site and Monthly Data backups, stored off-site on our local server
  • Software Updates (WordPress and plugins)
  • Security – anti-hacking software installation & monitoring services
  • Tech Support / Troubleshooting
  • Webmaster Tools Monitoring


What Do We Know About SEO?

Pretty much everything there is to know… I’ve been an SEO consultant since 1997, and have worked on websites in most genres and for clients in most English-speaking countries.

  • – general SEO services
  • – WordPress SEO services

Whatever your requirements, you can be sure that you will receive experienced and professional SEO advice and services!

Do We Provide Website Packages with Hosting?

Absolutely! I have a high-spec web server with individual Control Panels for each of my clients, providing;

  • Email account setup, forwarding and Webmail
  • FTP Access
  • Full access to your website’ traffic statistics

You have the option of managing your own hosting account but if you prefer, I can set up your emails and configure anti-spam settings etc..

This server is optimised for WordPress sites! The server is managed by me, and supported by Hostgator, one of the worlds largest hosting companies!


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