Small Business Web Design Package

I build bespoke / custom small business web design packages based on the award-winning WordPress CMS (content management system) platform.

Web Design Theme:

My theme platform and Studiopress developer’s licenses enable me to provide you with a custom design unique to your business. Give me an outline of what you like, and some examples of sites that you think are excellent. I create a bespoke/custom web design template using aesthetically pleasing colours and font pairings, and a custom logo if required. We can use images you supply or suitable illustrative stock photo images.

The Content:

Initially, I provide 20+ content pages using the information you provide – from existing brochures, leaflets, advertising material, photographic images and text files.

Zero limits on page numbers, you can literally expand the website to hold thousands of pages of content. In addition, WordPress includes a world-class blog format that would allow you to launch automated newsletters based on company news, products, reviews, industry news and more… Newsletter subscription systems are easily added.

The usual Small Business Web Design Package format is;

  1. Home page with selected product / services slideshow
  2. About Us – with business premises & staff photos
  3. Contact Us – all contact details including location map (Google Maps)
  4. 6+ Products/Services pages and/or subpages as required
  5. Products Gallery or Portfolio page
  6. Testimonials Page – with option for random testimonials rotating in sidebar
  7. HTML Sitemap – page with a link from footer, showing all pages & posts
  8. Google XML Sitemap – helps search engines index the site
  9. Privacy Policy – important credibility factor
  10. Terms & Conditions page
  11. robots.txt file – blocks access to areas that should not be indexed
  12. custom 404 error page – visitors given Page Not Found see list of all content pages

Small Business Web Design Features

Mobile-responsive design is built in, where the website’s display will auto-adjust to the screen size of desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phones. Given the growth of the mobile device market, this is a mission-critical! Google now indexes the mobile version of your website, AND Page Load Speed and User Experience are website ranking factors.

SEO Considerations:

A search engine optimisation package can be pre-loaded into the website for optimal performance on Google and Bing. Individual pages have unique Titles and accurate Descriptions are generated by the SEO plugin, with the option for these to be over-written manually as/if required.

SEO settings are tuned to prevent duplicate content penalties, and to avoid the “thin content” pages penalties inherent in misuse of blog Tag and Category options. The robots.txt file is preset to prevent search engines indexing adminstrative areas. Google XML site maps encourage page and post indexing by precisely listing ALL content that should be indexed and its “last modified” date.


User ID and Login passwords are secured. In addition, we install and configure the Wordfence Security plugin’s firewall and brute force login settings to minimise the threat from website hacking attacks.

Administrative Manual:

Once the site development is complete and it goes live, we prepare and present you with a document outlining all website settings. In the event of any future issues such as domain registration and hosting, you will know exactly where to start.

Web Hosting & Site Maintenance Options

Domain Registration:

The domain name is an important consideration as it can be a significant aid to initial search engine rankings. If you have yet to decide on domain registration, we can discuss how to maximise the advantages a good name can provide. We can register the domain for you, and set up the Domain Name Server setting to point to your small business web hosting account.

Costs include an hour of our time, plus registration for one year.

Hosting Account:

In addition to domain name registration, you also require a hosting account on which to load the website. If you wish to use our services, we can provide unmanaged or managed hosting for you, from US$50 per year. This is a full private access Cpanel hosting account with all the bells and whistles, running on a premium-grade VPS server in a Hostgator data centre in the USA.

You can also combine website hosting with an annual website management plan…

Website Maintenance:

We provide an Annual WordPress Website Maintenance Plan that includes monthly software upgrades, full website backups with off-site storage, monthly database backups, technical support, minor content edits as required, troubleshooting, emergency response to site issues including hacking attacks…

Annual Maintenance Plan Costs: US$250

  •  to include Hosting with Maintenance is an additional US$50
  •  plans are renewable in January each year (pro-rata payments apply after January)


We have extensive experience of small business website design and hosting and would be glad to assist you with your online venture.

Please contact us via our Website Design Quote form for further details and/or to order your website…

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