Affordable Web Design Services from $1295

Affordable web design services

Affordable web design services start with a domain name and a web hosting account. We can start from scratch or use your existing settings as the platform to create a brand new and affordable website design for you. We work with the world’s leading CMS (content management system) – WordPress, as the base for construction. Using our pre-assembled site structure, we can install your new site within a couple of hours for you. Then, we populate pages with the content you have prepared, or use our default content which you can be modified to suit your business.

Affordable Web Design

We hold a Website Developers License for several design theme portfolios and can provide a choice of premium design themes from and other such options. You simply select the design theme you would like and we install and configure it to match your business image. We can either use a text logo, or your custom logo if you have one. In addition, we have an array of stock photos that can be used to illustrate your new website.

Initially, we provide a dozen pages – a mix of administrative and content pages  using the information you provide from existing brochures, flyers, advertising, photographs and text.

NOTE: there are absolutely no limits to the number of pages or informative posts you can create. You could literally expand the website to hold thousands of pages. Further, there are no limits to adding functionality and new content. The basic design can be customised as/if you require.

Basically, we provide you with a properly installed and configured platform to start off with, and you take it from there. That said, we will always be available to provide support, install new features or whatever it is that you might require.

At this affordable web design services price, we can provide minimal design customisation but you do start with a strong design on a reliable website softare platform.

The usual starting page format is;

  1. Home or Main page, regarded by search engines as the site’s most important page.
  2. About page – an outline of your business
  3. Contact page – should include full contact detaisl such as business address, contact phone numbers, email and a contact form
  4. Your Products or Services page, outlining what you do / sell to prospective clients
  5. Gallerys or Portfolio page as / if appropriate
  6. Client References page – showcasing positive comments from past clients
  7. Sitemap for visitors in HTML format, so anyone can quickly see all content listed and accessible
  8. XML Sitemap for search engines, to aid in fully indexing your website
  9. Privacy page – outlines your policies on access to personal information etc
  10. Terms & Conditions page, explaining how you conduct business in tems of credit, returns, warranties etc
  11. robots.txt page – an internal file that tells search engines where you sitemap is, and instructs them about what not to index.
  12. Custom 404 error page – ensures that anyone who looks for a non-existient page or follows a broken link is given a sensible page with menu access to pages within the site.

The Affordable Web Design Features:

  • Where possible, we will use a mobile-responsive design theme that automatically adjusts to the screen size of smartphones, tablets or PC devices.
  • Slideshow on Home page highlights specific products and services.
  • Unlimited pages, plus unlimited posts and categories for news, product reviews and more.

Website Optimisation

Basic website optimisation is built in for you, with accurate and unique Titles and Descriptions automatically generated from the page names and first paragrpah content.

Website Security

Security is always a concern, so we install and configure the Wordfence Security plugin for you. This provides firewall protection from common hacking methods, including Brute Force attacks where repeated efforts are made to crack your User ID and password combination.

Website Documentation

All website settings are documented for your information, so that you always have a record of what the various access settings are. We store a copy of that, along with a full backup of the completed site.



Domain Registration:

If you do not yet have a domain registered, we can advise on an appropriate name and get that registered and set up for you.
Costs: $75 includes our time and registration for 1 year

Hosting Account:

If your domain registration does not include an optional hostign account, we can provide unmanaged or managed hosting for you, from US$50… you can combine hosting with a full website management plan…

Website Maintenance:

We provide an Anual WordPress Website Maintenance Plan that covers software upgrades monthly, full site and monthly database backups, web support specialist services, edits, troubleshooting and much more.
Annual Website Maintenance Services Plan Costs: US$250 – to include small business web hosting is an additional US$50)

Please contact us via our Web Design Quote form for further details and/or to order your website…