Website redesign services are required for many reasons, and we are specialists in the entire web site redesign process. There are ongoing enhancements to website technology, HTML and CSS standards. These changes mean new features, new and exciting ways to achieve things that were once difficult, if not impossible. Recent examples are “mobile responsive / mobile-friendly website design.” This is now an important ranking factor in Google’s assessment of your website. Sites that give mobile users a poor viewing experience will be penalised.

Google also says that “The web should be fast!” Which behooves us to exercise great attention to detail in terms of page load speed and performance…

Comparisons with your competitor’s web redesigns can progressively leave your site’s pages looking out of date and sad! The best option is to leapfrog over them with a redesign that both improves your visitor’s experience and improves rankings and traffic volumes. At the website redesign company, our services are requested for many different reasons…

Website Redesign Best Practices

Redesign Dangers

Website redesign of an existing / successful website is not without its risks, it is important to acknowledge that and to plan for negative eventualities. There are several vital considerations to consider because you really do want to make things better, and to avoid;

  • Destroying your search engine rankings
  • Accidentally causing search engines tp de-indexing every page of your site
  • Generation of lots of “404 page not found” errors
  • Breaking every bookmarked link to your site from your loyal visitors
  • Destroy internal cross-linking by ruining the anchor text links

Sadly, in many cases this is precisely what transpires! All of the things that once worked are broken or discarded. Upgrading a design theme often means wholesale changes to many elements, such as;

  • Page file names are changed
  • Image file names are changes
  • Titles, Descriptions and Keyword meta-tags are changed
  • Headings and paragraph content are amended

Business Name &  Brand Changes

This is another aspect to the website redesign minefield… When you engage a business marketing company to “rebrand” your corporate entity, many things are going to change…Sometimes, they want you to do drastic things, like change your Domain Name! As well as all the above risk factors, you’re also at risk of having your Google Love reset to zero…

  • A new domain gets 6-8 months in the Google sandbox
  • A new domain has no incoming Link Juice

You need to understand those risks, and seek out remediation solutions before the damage is done.


Web Site Rebuild Objectives…

The usual objective is to take an outdated website and transform it into a modern design which adheres to current website design standards and practices. At the same time, the important SEO aspects are addressed. The good is preserved or made better, and the weaknesses are eliminated. The goal is to not only have a website that looks better, but one that works better for both visitors and search engines.

In this way, we achieve the dual goals of;

  • Attracting new business from qualified traffic
  • Preserving existing client traffic


Redesign Proposal

Our website redesign services will transform your outmoded, dated and jaded old web page. A web site makeover can encompass the whole gamut – a modern Content Management System, with a sleek Web 2.0 redesign look, integration of social media…

Please ask about – it’s probably less expensive than you were thinking!

Web design quotes are provided on a no-obligation basis. I will put my best efforts into providing a web design concept appropriate to your business, pricing it accurately and fairly and documenting what we think will work for you.

Website prices are based on a standard consultancy web design rates of NZ$100 per hour. I work fast in a rapid development environment, and provide fixed-price website quotes!

I also deliver the best results right where it counts – in the Search Engine Results Pages!

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