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For a variety of reasons, website redesign services are necessary, and we are experts in the complete web site makeover process. Website technology, as well as HTML and CSS standards, are always being improved. These improvements bring with them new functionality, as well as fresh and interesting methods to do tasks that were previously difficult, if not impossible. “Mobile responsive / mobile-friendly website design” is a recent example. In Google’s evaluation of your website, this is now a significant ranking criteria. Sites that provide a bad viewing experience for mobile visitors will be penalized. As well as UX (user experience) Google also demotes slow websites, this algorithm change occurred in July 2021 when page load speed became a ranking factor.

“The web should be quick!” Google asserts. As a result, we must pay close attention to the speed and performance of our website’s pages…

Comparisons with your competitor’s web design package will gradually make your site’s pages appear outdated over time. The ideal solution is to outshine them with a makeover that enhances both your visitor’s experience as well as your rankings and traffic volume. Website redesign requests are received for a variety of reasons…

Website Redesign Strategies

Redesign Dangers

It’s crucial to recognize that redesigning an existing/successful website comes with risks, and it’s necessary to plan for them. There are some important factors to consider if you truly want to improve things and avoid problems.

  • Your local search engine rankings may be harmed.
  • Inadvertently prompting search engines to de-index all of your site’s pages
  • a large number of “404 page not found” errors
  • Breaking all of your devoted visitors’ bookmarked links to your site
  • Internal cross-linking is destroyed by destroying anchor text links.

Unfortunately, in many circumstances, this is exactly what happens! Everything that previously worked has been broken or abandoned. Upgrading a design theme frequently necessitates complete adjustments to a variety of features, including:

  • The names of the page URLs have been altered.
  • The names of the image files are changing.
  • Meta-tags for titles, descriptions, and keywords are updated.
  • The content of the headings and paragraphs has been changed.

Business Name &  Brand Changes

This is another another complication in the website makeover quagmire… When you hire a business marketing firm to “rebrand” your company, a lot of things will alter… They may ask you to make extreme changes, such as changing your domain name! You’re also at danger of having your Google Love reset to zero, in addition to all of the other risk factors…

  • Google sandboxes a new domain for 6-8 months.
  • There is no incoming Link Juice for a new domain.

You need to comprehend the risk factors, and secure remediation solutions before any potential harm is incurred.

Web Site Rebuild Objectives…

The most common purpose is to replace an outdated website with a new design that adheres to current web design standards and practices. At the same time, important SEO elements are addressed. The good is preserved or enhanced, while the flaws are eliminated. The goal is to design a website that is both visually appealing and functional for both users and search engines..

In this way, we achieve the dual goals of;

  • Attracting new business from qualified traffic
  • Preserving existing client traffic

Website Redesign Proposal

Our website design packages makeover services will breathe new life into your tired, out-of-date website. A thorough website redesign might encompass anything from a current Content Management System to a fresh Web 2.0 overhaul and social media integration.

Please contact us for a free, no-obligation site redesign quote; it’ll probably be less expensive than you anticipate.

Web design quotes are provided without any obligation. I’ll give it my utmost to come up with a web design concept that works for your organization, price it honestly and fairly, and document what I think will work.

The website charges are calculated at a rate of $75 per hour. I work swiftly and deliver fixed-price website estimates in a fast-paced development environment!

In addition, I deliver the greatest results in the most crucial location – the Search Engine Results Pages!

Website Design / Audit Request
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